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Allison Constant Drive PTO

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Allison Constant Drive PTO

Allison CD10 PTO


The Muncie CD10 PTO is fitted to the MD and HD range of Allison Automatic Transmissions. Mainly used in the refuse industry by all major OEM’s(original equipment manufacturers). Driveline Systems keep an extensive stock of the CD10 PTO, with all available outputs including the European standard truck pump 8 tooth spline to suit a 4 bolt DIN5462 pump and the SAE B and SAE BB 2 bolt pump with the 13 tooth and 15 tooth splines. We also stock CD10 PTO’s with companion flange outputs suitable to fit any prop shaft application.There are also a number of ratio options to suit your needs.The Muncie CD10 series PTO is a direct equivalent to the Chelsea 267 series PTO and we can crossover the part numbers to give you the direct Muncie replacement from stock. For more information including power and torque ratios, schematic diagram, parts list and dimensions please follow this link.

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