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Rexroth A17FO Pump

Rexroth A17FO

Driveline Systems stock the Bosch Rexroth A17FO series of piston pumps (formerly the KFA range). Pumps are available in the following displacements: 23cc/rev 32cc/rev 45cc/rev 63cc/rev 80cc/rev 107cc/rev This range of pumps has a nominal pressure rating of 300 bar with a peak of 350 bar. Speeds of up to 2,900 rpm can be accommodated. The A17FO series is a fixed displacement aluminium bodied pump producing a high power to weight density. It has an axial tapered piston bent axis design ideal for work truck applications. Change of rotation is effected in seconds by swapping the outlet port fitting from one port to the other. No separate drain line is required, reducing the complexity of the installation pipework.


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