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Tanks & Valves

Tanks & Valve


Aluminium tanks

We stock side mount and behind the cab upright aluminium tanks to suit all chassis. The aluminium tanks come complete with brackets, straps, return filter, sight gauge, tippling valve port plate and all hardware needed to install. We have the side mount version in sizes 140, 170 and 200 litre and the upright version in 200 litre available.

Polyethylene tanks

We stock the Muncie Power Polyethylene side mount and upright tanks. They come complete with mounting plate, filter, sight level gauge and all hardware needed to install. Upright tanks available in 200 and 300 litre and the side mount tank is available in 200 litre.

For information and dimensions follow the link below:

We also stock small polyethylene side mount tanks suitable for small tippers and recovery trucks. They come in 34 and 47 litre capacity and come complete with filter, sight level gauge and breather.

Driveline systems also supply tipping valves, max flow 130 litre and a max pressure of 350 BAR.

We also offer a range of cab controls from standard push/pull air control to raise/lower with the PTO switch included.

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